This past week, Kings of Leon dropped ‘Reverend’ as their third official single from latest, and seventh studio album ‘WALLS’. Now you’ll more than likely have seen our full album review for the LP and if not you can find it here where we mentioned Reverend as a standout in this review, but as a single release it deserves mentioning again, not only because since the release of the new record and after multiple (and I mean multiple) plays through, ‘Reverend’ has long been one that stands alone and stands strong.

With all of Kings of Leon’s famous elements on full display throughout, such as Caleb’s snarling vocals, a catchy and impassioned chorus, and a classic Kings of Leon backing track, who’s consistent brilliance can be dissected by each instrument individually, forever proving that as a foursome, this now legendary rock n roll band is unstoppable, and the day a member leaves or goes solo is a day to dread. As I said, it’s a great single choice and not a surprise at all, but it’s still a pleasure to see this track get a chance an individual commercial success. You can tell we’re fans of KOL here at can’t you? Biased or what?

But the real reason for feeling the urge to talk about the track is because of the music video, and by three solid singles from ‘WALLS’ we’ve found that the music videos to each are actually a series and are all connected. I remember back to the end of the summer in 2016 and first watching the video for ‘Waste a Moment’ and being completely and utterly confused by it. The video for ‘Find Me’ was released and immediately I recognised a lot of the same characters, and now number three has landed and the story appears to have continued. Do I understand anymore? No not really, but here’s a rough break down of the story so far from the ‘WALLS’ video trilogy…

So it appears to work backwards and each forthcoming video, expands the story, which is handy because ‘Waste a Moment’, especially after watching it again, seems to have no meaning whatsoever. But, three cheer leaders appear to be stretching ready for training, when they find an orb like ball of energy in the woods, following this they develop odd powers, and people seem to be falling over and disappearing all around town. Kings of Leon have acquired a van and are driving around, singing ‘Reverend’ through the speakers. At the same time, this rugged looking older gentleman has something to do with something, not sure what, but he has got a little hand held device thing. This man eventually appears to accost and blind fold Nathan and Matt, and has a bit of a confrontation with Caleb. People are disappearing all over the place including the band and an entire school, and the police are investigating. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders are seen here and there, a lot of the time just staring at stuff….

I have to admit, I re-watched all three in succession and that’s the best I’ve got. It really doesn’t make that much sense to me at the minute and I’m hoping that a fourth is on the way, perhaps ‘Muchacho’ or ‘Eyes on You’, and they’ll finish off the story. Music videos have previously been released for ‘Around the World’ and the title track but don’t appear to be connected.

Guys, you’re killing me, I need to know what’s going on! Until next time….

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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