After three and a half years on the WWE’s main roster, the ‘Eater of Worlds’ Bray Wyatt finally won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship last night at Smackdown Live’s PPV event, Elimination Chamber. This got us to thinking who, in the world of music, would be a perfect addition to the Wyatt Family’s roster? Here’s a few that we think would be perfect…

Corey Taylor
Another leader of men and one that might even frighten Wyatt himself, Taylor could be a huge asset to the group. Although perhaps smaller than some of the other family members, his toughness is without question after previously breaking his neck on stage and carrying on like nothing had happened! 

Zack Wylde
Another bearded giant, this guy would look perfect amongst Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. After years serving the ‘Prince of Darkness’, Ozzy Osbourne, he’d probably find Wyatt’s demands a piece of cake.

Lady Gaga
It’s been years of teasing and we’ve still never met the elusive Sister Abigail character. We imagine her to be eccentric yet domineering, being the only one to be in charge of Bray and the rest of the Wyatt family. I think Gaga fits the mound perfectly.

Dr John
Mac Rebennack has always been known better as Dr John, but with his New Oreleans based Jazz blues style, could the voodoo he sings about be a clue as to where the Wyatt’s get it from? Perhaps The Doctor was the original founder of the Wyatt Family? 

Jim Morrison
The Doors frontman was always somewhat of a prophet and obsessed with shaman and higher beings. Imagine a conversation between Bray and the late legend of psychedelics. A scary thought. Thinking about it, he didn’t look extremely dissimilar to the Wyatt family mound in the early 70’s.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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