Thinking Green



You’ll all know, or at least remember Reel Big Fish as one of the biggest names of the last decade’s Ska-punk movement, mostly famous for hits like ‘Sell Out’ and ‘Beer’ amongst tons of others. You may not know of Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, but the Philadelphia synth-rock outfit joined forces with RBF ten years ago and created one of my favourite EP’s of all time. No matter whether you’re a fan, or even particularly familiar with either of the aforementioned bands, you’ll be very familiar with each track on the 2007 EP that saw these two bands join forces and throw their own spin on six 80’s classics.

Almost ten whole years ago, this unique split EP was released, comprising of Zolof playing three tracks and Reel Big Fish playing three, but featuring vocals by both bands vocalists (Rachael Minton & Aaron Barrett) on each track. They gathered an eclectic collection of tracks to cover and re-model and the list really is an odd one, but brilliant at the same time:

Track 1 – Ask by The Smiths

Track 2 – Dress You Up by Madonna

Track 3 – Lyin’ Ass Bitch by Fishbone

Track 4 – Don’t You Want Me by Human League

Track 5 – It’s Not Easy by Disney as part of the Pete’s Dragon soundtrack

Track 6 – Say Say Say – by Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney

I told you right? Now that’s what I call eclectic. Imagine The Smiths with a big, ska brass section.

Imagine Madonna with synths that make the 80’s sound monotone and shredding guitars.

How about Say Say Say where a female does McCartneys parts and a man does Michael Jackson’s section, possibly even higher than Jacko could reach!

Been wondering where to find a great Pete’s Dragon pop-punk cover? Well look no further, because it’s here and it’s been here for nearly ten years. Both bands deserve high credit for this project and I’ve always wondered how it wasn’t commercially more successful than it was, or more remembered than it is, but I’ll always go back this EP whenever I need a pick me up before a big night out. Never heard it before? Well do yourself a favour, and you’re welcome in advance.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)