2017 just picked up massively as we welcome back Lana Del Rey, who has released brand new music in the form of latest single ‘Love‘ and it’s her first new release since her fourth studio album ‘Honeymoon‘ was released back in 2015. After a three-year absence it’s great to have Del Rey back as a prominent figure in the contemporary music scene and her unique brand of down tempo alt-pop is always welcome amongst a sea of non-substantial, over produced radio friendly chart acts. But had ‘Love‘ got what some tell her latter albums didn’t feature?

Well, straight off I’d be quite sure she’s not attempting to cater to the chart market anyway, she’s always had a defined idea of what she wants to produce and her style of production and performance is what it is, and you can take it or leave it. With that said, ‘Love‘ immediately has a grand feel to it and with a smooth bass led intro, it demands your attention from the opening few seconds. Lana’s vocals are low and slow, featuring that signature tone we all associate her with, but her delivery holds a glimmer of optimism that oddly feels foreign. There’s an innocence in the track we’ve not been introduced before. If you caught our retrospective on her debut album ‘Born To Die‘ we mentioned her apparent love of danger and the whole bad boy gimmick, but this new track seems to drop that slightly and focus on a more conventional, youthful love story. Plus, if you watch the music video, behind all the six-fi grandeur and effects, the most striking part of the whole video is the smile and expression that Del Rey proudly wears throughout. It’s a heartwarming look that I don’t believe I’ve seen her show before and I feel like we’re all being introduced to a new side of her. The chorus is stunning and she shows off her range and vocal ability, especially against the minimalist back drop.

So, with an incredible new single release, perhaps an imminent LP on the way and a brand new attitude, it could be an exciting year for Lana Del Rey and fans alike. Watch this space. 

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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