James Blunt has been known for many things during his music career.
Some good, some bad, whether it be the over exposure of his mid 2000’s number one single ‘You’re Beautiful‘ that managed to get to number one following massive support from the UK, but then immediately the support was withdrawn as the track was seen as over bearing and the excessive radio play it received was incredibly annoying.
Fast forward almost ten years and James Blunt is best known for his witty and comedic responses on Twitter, where he self deprecates and responds in hilarious fashion to trolls and abusers over the Internet. The egoless light-hearted side to the man has made him a hero once again, but then he dropped the bombshell… at the end of last year, through his increasingly popular twitter account he posted:

A tongue in cheek bit of promo, but was the man still known and revered for his music career? Well, a brand new track, possibly from said album has been released, and here’s what we thought.

He’s nailed it.

Nearly 12 years after his debut album release, Blunt had returned with new single ‘Love Me Better‘, which at first appears to be a tongue in cheek mention of his haters and Internet abusers, even giving a nod to ‘You’re Beautiful‘ in the process. The track features a contemporary backing that sounds far more modern than anything we’ve heard from Blunt before, and after a couple of listens it was clear that if you was to replace his vocal with that of Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran for example, the song would work just as well with very little alteration. It’s been played as track of the week on BBC Radio 2, but would blend well into the Radio 1 playlist also perhaps if a mention of the artist was avoided. It’ll be interesting to see what else he has up his sleeve as we head towards the release of the record but ‘Love Me Better‘ has got my attention, in all the right ways.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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