It’s no secret to anybody, and it shouldn’t be either, but here at Mojo20 we absolutely love Maximo Park. Since their debut album ‘A Certain Trigger’ was released in 2005 they’ve gone from strength to strength musically, maturing and adapting based on their position and outlook all the way through their career. Earlier in the year, the band announced the upcoming release of their sixth studio album ‘Risk To Exist’ due for release on the 21st of April. Alongside this announcement they pre-released the title track from the album and there’s plenty to say on the matter.


For those that haven’t heard the track, ‘Risk to Exist’ is a very interesting potential insight into what we can expect from their new record, and I must say, it’s the closest they’ve got to their original sound, possibly since the second album ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’. With a four piece band, they appear to have stripped the sound back to that classic indie formula, and rely heavily on the rhythm section as well as those staple Maximo Park synths, and of course Paul Smith’s undeniable Geordie vocals. Have you ever heard a Maximo Park track and not known it was them? Of course not. Accompanied by a catchy as hell chorus and those thought provoking, social commentating lyrics that they’re famous for, it feels like classic Maximo Park and for long time fans, like ourselves, it is an exciting prospect. For all the good they’ve done over the previous five albums, one thing they’ve not made easy is, for people like us at Mojo20, we’ve had very limited material to use as dance floor fillers. Not since ‘Hips & Lips’ from the fourth album and of course anything from their debut have we had a reliable and easy source for using Maximo Park to get an indie night fully raving. That hasn’t been an issue of course, as I said, I commend them for their adaptability, but still, it’s great news to hear this new track and I’ll be looking forward to unleashing it at the next Transmission indie night. Even more exciting than that, is the release of the full album, and you can bet your ass, we’ll be reviewing the album right here at

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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