Nineties icon and Suede front man, Brett Anderson, today revealed a snippet of solo work from his yet to be released compilation album ‘Collected Solo Work’ and it comes in the form of the hypnotically beautiful ‘Forest Lullaby’. A minimalist, acoustic track far removed from the styles of Suede hits such as ‘Animal Nitrate’, ‘Trash’ and ‘Beautiful Ones’ it’s a moving and soulful example of what Anderson can create on his own terms.


This unveiling comes as a small teaser from a five disc collection that will be available later this month, encompassing four solo efforts recorded in the latter half of the last decade and depict his musical direction after leaving the band, and the states of mind in which he found himself once available to find his way through life alone. If this track is just a taster, then the rest of the compilation could well be a must have as not only does it clearly detail his talent as well as the beauty behind his work, but once set against the backdrop of his Suede career and the classics we all know, diversity is certainly a trait that he has a grasp of. Make sure you look out for the release of ‘Collected Solo Work’ in mid March but for now, just enjoy ‘Forest Lullaby’.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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