FINALLY, New Zealand’s own electro pop princess, Lorde has returned with brand new music, and she’s had us waiting quite some time now. She’s returned with brand new single, ‘Green Light’ ahead of second album ‘Melodrama’ and after a great deal of speculation as to how she’ll approach a sophomore record, especially post David Bowie’s passing as she was a heavily mentioned name around that time, and in fact the last time we saw her may well have been the Brit Awards in 2016 where she performed Bowie’s classic ‘Life On Mars’. I suppose a small piece of me expected her to adopt and take on a little Bowie in her ongoing efforts in music, and ‘Green Light’ doesn’t really appear to be that at all. I was excited to see her return and was anticipating something truly substantial and incredible. Now, I’m not saying ‘Green Light’ isn’t a good, if not great track by 2017’s standard of pop music but from the girl that once said “I’m kind of over gettin’ told to throw my hands up in the air” it almost looks like she’s warmed to the idea. It is, for lack of many better terms, a party banger. It’s a club night classic but with a down tempo verse and it couldn’t be further from what I was expecting.


However, as I said, I know Lorde has talent, we all know that, and there’s every opportunity for the LP to hold all the elements I was looking for from her return. In fact, a more party going version of Lorde could be a great thing, as her debut record featured a more cynical side of her and this could be her embracing the music scene, embracing modern life and not taking it all so seriously. I may not be bowled over by the single, but he has me intrigued for what’s next, therefore doing its job perfectly. Watch this space, because Lorde is back…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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