It’s International women’s day all round the world and women are being celebrated and appreciated on this special day of recognition and celebration. Does this need a special day of the year? Should these not be things that are exercised every day without prejudice or segregation? I’ sure we all have different opinions on this subject but either way isn’t the place for such debate. What we can report is that something incredible has surfaced today and it comes in the form of a new track by Swedish sisters First Aid Kit. Male or female, you have to appreciate the wonderful vocal abilities and stunning musicianship of one of the greatest double acts in modern music and it’s always a pleasure to find new music has been released. This brand new track entitled ‘You Are The Problem Here’ has been specifically written and released on this day to make a statement and it shows a vengeful and angry side to the Söderberg sisters that I don’t think we’ve ever really seen before. The subject matter is darker than what they’d normally tackle and reports of a rape case in which the rapist received a terribly lenient sentence for his horrendous crimes, whilst the female victim was overlooked and blamed. They show their despair and disgust at the way society continually allows this and they’re fighting back for those that need fighting for.

The track has a heavier and grimier sound to it and is directly pointing the finger at those members of society or the judicial system that allow these injustices to occur and you’d certainly be half way to having your ideology changed after this stern telling off. However, what’s even more impressive is that they’ve maintained their musicianship and beautiful harmonies despite using it all in such an aggressive way. The final line of the track simply states “I hope you fucking suffer” and if you hadn’t realised by the time you reached this line, they’re not messing around. This song is a defiant, strong, clear and definitive statement of how much shit they, and millions of women around the world are prepared to put up with from medieval scumbags with sexist and misogynist outlooks… Absolutely none. 

Happy International women’s day.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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