Last night, BBC radio 1 DJ MistaJam helped to unveil new music by Swedish electro pop juggernauts Little Dragon when he named new single ‘Sweet’ the hottest record in the world for the 8th of March 2017. Aside from the recently released teaser ‘High’ it’s amongst Little Dragon’s first original music since their 2014 album ‘Nabuma Rubberband’ and it is confirmed that a new album of original tracks is set to be released soon also.

This brand new track features even more psychedelic synth based electronica, strewn over the top of those ever so familiar and unique vocals of lead singer and front woman Yukimi Nagano. Little Dragon have always been particularly great at blending two concepts that you’d not normally find and yet make it work like you’d never imagine and in this instance it’s all down to the tweaked out electro vibe that sounds like the coolest Broadband dial up tone you ever heard, accompanied at the same time by, possibly, Nagano’s most soulful performance so far. The concept is centred around temptation and addiction which is ironic as this track is addictive in itself, sounding better each time it’s played and wetting our appetite for the rest of the upcoming record. Keep your eyes firmly on this space as Little Dragon are back and ready to take over. This is going to be interesting…


See the below link for the full interview and track from MistaJam’s BBC Radio 1 show:

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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