So, despite this being a few days ago, and also not the sort of thing I’d normally be interested in tackling here at, I heard this story last night and felt compelled to write/say something about it. Perhaps because of the high profile of the day for Lincoln, due to Lincoln City football club facing Arsenal today in the quarter finals of the FA cup. If you’re from Lincoln, or even a football fan, you’ll know that the city is swelling with pride and in anticipation of the game later today. So it only stands out even more poignantly that such a pathetic and ridiculous event should get Lincoln’s proud name into the media in the same week. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t say I am or have ever been an Atomic Kitten fan, which is no problem of course, not everybody will be. I don’t like Radiohead either so…. you know. What I don’t like is the money grabbing intentions of pop groups from the nineties that had questionable talent back then, never mind now, resurfacing just to make a quick few quid off of the constant retardation of society, especially the student club night scene where hundreds will attend to see a soap star or reality show drop out wave at them for a minute. I don’t get it and I don’t want to either, but still, all got to get paid right, whether it be the “performer” or the promoter. What I really draw the line at, is some jumped up little prick, throwing things at people on stage during the middle of a paid performance, ruining the event and the rest of the evening for everybody and endangering the performers and the crowd as well, before the gig being abandoned entirely.

It boggles my mind, where a persons head must be, drunk or out their face on plant food or horse tranquilizer or whatever it is these twats are doing now, or not, for them to find it acceptable to act in this fashion. I mean, I expect it has plenty to do with our old friend “banter” which has for years no been the buzz word for acting like a wanker but it’s ok but it was just banter. You’re still an arsehole.

Whether at a gig, a club night, a student night, a seminar, a football game, a Chinese buffet, a church service, the Welton fun run, at hoe, on the streets, in a phone booth, alone, with friends, watching Friends or ANY SITUATION, you treat people with respect. Here’s a clue as well, if you treat people with respect, you may just be lucky enough to receive respect. This is of course directed at the Lincoln university student that threw bottles at women on stage this past Wednesday, but it seems like a pretty strong life lesson for all of us.

Show respect, earn respect and make yourself proud. Both, of your actions and the city you live in, just like… well, UP THE IMPS.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)





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