Late last night we found out that the legendary innovator of rock n roll and a pioneer of music as we now know it, Chuck Berry had passed away at the age of 90. We reported it here in the early hours of the morning and were still saddened by the news after waking up today. But the day will be spent correctly, remembering him and celebrating the music that made him a house hold name. Here we take a look at our favourite music by the one and only Chuck Berry… enjoy.

Note: My Ding-a-Ling will not be featured…

No Particular Place To Go (from St.Louis to Liverpool) 1964

Not sure where the inspiration came from for the lyrical content but an unruly seat belt gave us rock n roll gold and started a trend on motor based music.

Sweet Little Sixteen (from One Dozen Berrys) 1958

The track that inspired the Beach Boys to record ‘Surfin USA’ setting Brian Wilsons new lyrics to the same backing track. Due to the lack of permission given by Berry, they were forced to give all credit to Chuck Berry and Arc Music.

You Never Can Tell (from St Louis to Liverpool) 1964

A sixties classic, made iconic in the nineties for its inclusion in the Quentin Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction. An unforgettable scene with an unforgettable track.

Rock n Roll Music (from One Dozen Berrys) 1957

I always see this song as the definitive celebration of the creation of rock n roll and it’s by far one of our favourites due to its danceable rhythm. Brilliant.

Maybellene (from Chuck Berry Is On Top) 1955

By far my favourite of his and how could it not be. Still cited as one of the original examples of rock n roll to come out of the mid 50’s, Berry took an old western swing track, threw in some blues and some of that Chuck Berry performance, and the outcome was magical.

Johnny B.Goode (from Chuck Berry Is On Top) 1958

No explanation required. If you’ve never heard this rock n roll standard, then you’ve been living under a rock.

Brown Eyed Handsome Man (from After School Session) 1956

One thing I always loved about the blues was the story telling, and in this one Chuck showed that it can be done just as well in rock n roll. It wasn’t all about holding hands and going to school dances you know.


R.I.P Mr.Berry, you’ll be missed.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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