Now I know what you’re thinking, is this such a massive deal? Does this really resonate as news? They’ve barely been together for decades anyway, aside from the odd tour date or festival booking. No new material has been recorded since 2003’s ‘Say You Will‘ album anyway. So what’s the big deal? Here it is. Your chance is disappearing faster than you thought. Fleetwood Mac have been recognised as an institution and one of the greatest bands in history, their endurance and longevity despite internal wars and romantic failings is commendable and the fact that not only are they still alive but planning a tour for 2018 is just unheard of. 

They announced their imminent split in a recent interview in which they were discussing the upcoming release of a Lindsey Buckingham/Christine Mcvie collaboration. A strange idea, especially when you consider that John Mcvie and Mick Fleetwood are set to play on the album also. So it’s Fleetwood Mac without Stevie Nicks? Fair enough. Still something that’ll be well worth listening to and it’ll be great to see how they blend this into their farewell tour.
It always needs to taken with a pinch of salt as well, with their personal issues and known attempts at breaking up, moving on, going solo and then reforming, it could all be another red herring, but something about this time just makes sense. Especially to announce it so far ahead, it would seem they’ve come to terms with it and are planning big things for the end. A sad but slightly exciting idea.

So when 2018 rolls around, you’ll want to make sure you ha e a ticket firmly in your grasp and can say that you saw live, one of the biggest bands in music history before they departed, because when they’re gone, they’re gone.


Words by Stuart Green (mojo20_music)


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