It’s that special time again where one of our favourite artists in the world releases new music. Kyla La Grange has been a Mojo20 favourite since her debut album five years ago in 2012 and man how time has flown since then. Not only that but her style and sound has continued to evolve gradually, finding a more electronic, garage based sound in 2017. ‘Love Harder’ was dropped today and has had a ton of love shown by her adoring fan base, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a summery, up tempo dance track that’ll suit any club dance floor and get a room moving. It features content surrounding the subject of relationships and the struggle that can be endured once comfort ability sets in and the mundane, uninteresting side starts to grind on you both. An interesting approach to love in music and not a point that has been touched on much before, but hey, that’s Kyla La Grange right? Innovative and unique, always pushing the/her boundaries of sound and intention in an effort to create something fresh and inspiring.


Do I prefer it to her original works? What a question. Does it matter? The two seem to be mutually exclusive. There are no comparisons to be drawn between 2012’s ‘Ashes‘ and anything she’s produced since, but that’s what makes her so special, you don’t need or want to compare. When second album ‘Cut Your Teeth‘ was released I played it on repeat for months and months on end, embracing and celebrating the progression of a star that I was lucky enough to see being born into the music world, and by that same token, more and more evolution is a welcome thing. Congratulations Kyla, you’ve done it again, we knew you would though.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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