You never really need a reason to look back at some classic LCD Soundsystem and if it creates an excuse to throw some on then that’s just a bonus as well, but it’s Throwback Thursday and it’s a whole ten years since the now iconic Brooklyn outfit released their second of three albums, ‘Sound Of Silver’. Whilst enduring the task of following up their incredible self titled debut record, they managed to pull off the seemingly impossible and dropped an album with an even harder, deeper electronic sound than they had two years before. Kicking the album off with the dance floor destroyer ‘Get Innocuous!’ there was no second guessing the integrity of their sophomore effort, as the seven minute intro track could have a library dancing and showed that James Murphy meant business.

‘Time To Get Away’ features those unique Murphy vocals that we’d got to know on tracks like ‘Daft Punk Is Playing In My House’ and ‘On Repeat’ from the previous record and ‘North American Scum’ reintroduces the dance punk style that we knew them for. As second albums go, it was one that said “we’re back, we’re better, listen to this”. They show off their diversity as each track alters its sound ad idea, jumping from alternative rock to club night electro, to down tempo electronica and back again through them all again. ‘All My Friends’ is a stand out track that despite its steady climb and length has kept dance floors captivated and involved on many occasions, for which I’ve been in attendance for many of them.

The album draws to a dramatic close with ‘New York, I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down’ as James Murphy performs his ballad like ode to his home city, starting slow and only accompanied by a piano, and then followed up by a rolling drum beat as a guitar sneaks its way in. By the half way point it builds and grows in intensity before exploding into a frantic conclusion blending lead guitar with crashing cymbals. A perfect ending to an incredible journey through ‘Sound Of Silver’.

With a new album on the way later this year, there’s no doubt that we’ve all got something amazing to look forward to after a seven year wait. I can’t wait and I’m sure you can’t either.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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