The internet has been a buzz over the last few days after the greatest cartoon band in the world revealed new music from upcoming album ‘Humanz’ in the form of four exclusive tracks as well as a surprise performance at Printworks nightclub in London. The Damon Albarn led project kicked off in 1998 and rose to prominence in 2001 with their debut self titled album, which featured the now iconic debut track ‘Clint Eastwood’ and they’ve remained elusive, mysterious and… well, virtual, ever since. The excitement behind their return has been evident over the last few days and it got me thinking about my favourite tracks so far by one of the most creative examples of good music we’ve ever seen. Check out Mojo20’s favourite Gorillaz.

Sound Check (Gravity) (from Gorillaz) 2001

The one that got me hooked and kept me hooked, highlighted incredibly when used on Dustin Latimer’s skate section in WORDS for all you rollerblade fans out there.

Hallelujah Money (from Humanz) 2017

Released earlier this year and kicking off the buzz of their imminent return, it’s politically charged and features the wonderful Benjamin Clementine. See our review right here.

Feel Good Inc. (from Demon Days) 2005

With a four year absence, I still remember the hysteria behind Gorillaz returning with a second album and especially this return track featuring De La Soul, as it took everybody by surprise and remains one of their most popular tracks to date. Who knows, De La Soul may even include in their set at this years Lost Village festival

Dare (from Demon Days) 2005

Also from the second album and featuring the iconic vocals of Happy Mondays lead singer Shaun Ryder, the video was weird as hell but the track was a disco classic and their first great example of how well they could produce contemporary pop music, moving away from the stigma set by their first album that they were down beat electronic cartoon characters.

19-2000 [Soulchild remix] (from G-Sides) 2001

This upbeat remix of their second single, 19-2000 was a refreshing and entirely new look at an otherwise down tempo addition to the album. Featured as a bonus track on the first album it actually became the more well known version and was track one of their upcoming ‘G-Sides’ album

Stylo (from Plastic Beach) 2010

Featuring the soulful vocals of Bobby Womack and the Hip-Hop mastery of Mos Def, Gorillaz new post apocalyptic approach was mainly driven by first single from their third album and it set a whole new tone to them. Plus with video and CGI technology becoming what it had by 2010, they began to expand on their presentation even more, developing music videos that were as important and as interesting as the music.

Amarillo (from The Fall) 2011

The album that fell a little under the radar featured some awesome tracks and none are better than the dreamy Amarillo. With grainy electronica and slow synths layered over Albarns wonderfully lethargic vocals its a beautiful early morning soundtrack.

We’re looking forward to the new album just as much as anybody else and be sure to check back with for a full insight into their latest record.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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