One of the UK’s most exciting and popular new artists known as Rag’N’Bone Man, has followed up his debut single ‘Human’ with a brand new track called ‘Skin’ and it looks like it may just aid his meteoric rise and continue to elevate his popularity.

Featuring soulful and gospel-esque sounds, even more so than his previous single release, ‘Skin’ is a great example of contemporary, commercial pop music with substance and credibility. There aren’t that many examples of this in todays chart landscape but music fans both casual and die hard have really seemed to have taken to this man and put their full support and love into him and rightfully so. However, we have seen this before, many many times. I look back to names like Hozier, and like Jack Garrett, even Vance Joy. These artists have steamed into the limelight with incredible musicianship and artistry, oozing talent and presenting us with something whole and worthy of the success their music achieved, but then fade gradually before being overtaken by the next. Now all of these men aren’t written off yet, a return is possible and it’s strength would be determined at the time, but there’s a hell of a wait before this and by the time they do, will their spot have been taken. How long will RNBM be on top before stopping to focus on his knew album only to have somebody else move straight into his spot?

Be that as it may, and is purely a speculation point, this new track and oh so important follow up has everything he needs to keep his flame burning and his spot taken. As previously mentioned, the soul and gospel elements give it a grand presence and an imposing, colossal sound and only build towards an even larger sounding chorus, which dominates with backing vocals and an implosion of instrumentation. The verse is minimalist and shines the light solely on the vocals and the depth behind the lyrics, only exaggerating the power of the chorus even more. It’s cleverly constructed and effectively delivered.

If he continues to produce music of this standard, his spot may just be safe, but the work starts here. Well done to Rag’n’Bone Man, the UK’s current flavour of the year has earned his position and has got there in style.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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