It’s been a few days since its release and it appears to be doing the rounds nicely which is no surprise at all as Iggy Azalea has returned to release what may be the most socially poignant and generationally relevant track of the year so far. ‘Mo Bounce ‘ encapsulates perfectly, everything that is important to the vast majority of young music fans as they continue to stream the newest trends and retweet the latest bangers that are being discussed amongst their peers. ‘Mo Bounce’ is a repetitive and painfully dumb three and a half minutes of talking about your own arse, massaging your own ego and making out your the hottest shit going despite producing the biggest pile of nonsense in a very long time.


The first 35 seconds or so is her literally just repeating “Bounce in the mother fucking house” which would be fine if it meant anything at all, before we head to the verse, and pay attention here because praise is on the way and it won’t be happening much, because the verse is actually alright, perhaps minus the content but I G G Y goes on to display her talents in hip-hop and showcases her flow probably better than she ever has before, but then before long we return to talking about dicks and then bouncing in somebody’s mother fucking house again until the song mercifully ends. Weird, really weird. Now, the issue here isn’t how sexually aggressive it is, that’s fine but it’s done with no taste or intelligence. It’s not the terrible language that’s the problem either but in this instance it does just insinuate a massive lack of writing skill as she repeats “shit”, “dick” and “mother fucking” over and over again, whilst being sure to throw in buzz words like how “dangerous” she is and how she’s “blazing” which just reads like your Instagram search feed, shoving as many obnoxious contemporary terms in as possible. Is it catchy, hell yeah it is, but so are nursery rhymes and I wouldn’t listen to them either, so are football chants sang by drunken middle aged men and that also isn’t my cup of tea. Catchy is fine as long as substance is standing by. Of course the whole thing is set to a visual backdrop of various women shaking their arses about, or twerking if you want, in extremely lavish locations, as part of a video that must have cost thousands and thousands to make to accompany such trash. There must have been quotas to fill though as for every two large arsed women in the video, they also feature a young child which just boggles my mind, the song and video are nothing to do with PG content, but even if its not suitable for children to watch, they CAN star in it. Crazy.

It’s disappointing to see Def Jam associate with this kind of rubbish after maintaining a reputation as leaders of great new Hip-Hop for years. Is this expression? Is this art? I don’t think so. It’s a cluster fuck of all things modern and the record label seems to have joined the party. This isn’t the ramblings of an old, out of touch man, that can’t stand any of that cool new music, this is somebody that is fed up with the same narcissistic, pointless, over indulged crap being churned out and shoved down the throats of a society and a youth culture that has already been led to complete retardation and self obsession as they post their ‘stories’ on every form of social media and can barely move from room to room without a selfie that exaggerates their day to day life, as the thought of honest expression or lack of recognition become terrifying prospects. The new soundtrack to a horrendous failing and awful generation has just been released, drink it in man…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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