The weekend is just about here and Mojo20 are on hand once again to help you structure the perfect soundtrack, for the perfect weekend. If you follow the Twitter account for our monthly indie night, Transmission then you’ll be no stranger to our ‘#TrackoftheDay‘ announced every morning on Twitter, and we compile them every Friday for your listening pleasure.

Don’t miss the #TrackOfTheDay choices each and every day and go follow the Transmission twitter account, @transmissionL where you can see each track before they’re announced here. So, without further ado, here’s Vol.34 of our Songs For The Weekend…

Cabbage / Dinner Lady – Le Chou,2017


Kyla-La-Grange-So-Sweet-2015-1500x1500-e1442346681919Kyla La Grange / Cut Your Teeth – Cut Your Teeth, 2014


thQKX5PSMHThe Amazons / Black Magic – The Amazons, 2017


th03TWTK23LCD Soundsystem / All My Friends – Sound Of Silver, 2007


oasis-band-young-fb.jpgOasis / Whatever – Whatever (single), 1994


rag_n_bone_man_human_960-1.JPGRag & Bone Man / Skin – Skin (single) 2017


razorlight-4fd6587f89bc7.jpgRazorlight / Golden Touch – Up All Night, 2004


For more music like this don’t miss Vol.35, this time next week, right here on! Join us at Back to Mono 60’s night at Red Five in Lincoln this Saturday for the slickest sounds of the 60’s all night long. Have a great weekend…



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