One of the biggest legends of all time in the music world, Bob Dylan released his 38th studio album ‘Triplicate’ this past Friday and the icon doesn’t appear to have missed a beat. The new album features a similar lounge feel to his previous few albums, as he continues to reinvent his sound and his style in his later years. The folk purist and political activist is a thing of the past, the electric rock renegade is long left behind and in their place, the smooth, cool, traditional crooner remains. A man who was revered for so many reasons and one of them not being his voice, has finally ticked that box as he continues to amaze with a strong selection of American standards. His previous two albums have also followed this theme and only featured covers of some of the greatest American hits ever written. Despite the lack of original and exclusive song writing, it’s great to hear Dylan release good music and it’s no longer about releasing classic tracks that will move a generation or define a time in history. It appears that now, Dylan just wants to perform and create great music for all to enjoy. No more so than on ‘Triplicate’ as it contains three full discs with ten tracks each. What an investment, and what a sound.

Singles released from it so far are ‘I Could Have Told You’ and ‘My One & Only Love’ which are both originally by Frank Sinatra, and even with this new musicianship and Dylan’s vocals, the tracks sound just as good as they ever did when Sinatra recorded them. So pour a glass of red, take a seat in your lounge and throw on this brand new album by the man who not only keeps on evolving, but just keeps on impressing. Welcome back Bob, keep them coming.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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