Festival season is fast, fast approaching and hallelujah for that. The weathers getting better in the UK and we’re all getting in the mood for a summer of music, love and everything else that comes along with it. We’ve taken a sneaky little look at some upcoming festivals already here on Mojo20.com including Glastonbury and Lost Village, but there’s one line up that really caught my attention recently. Leeds & Reading are one of the countries most famous festival dates and have been for years but the past few years hasn’t really inspired me at all. Not since 2011/2012, of which I was in attendance, has the line up for L&R made me want to spend the money and get the ticket, but this year seems to have a great deal to offer. Let’s take a look…


So first let’s look at the headliners. Now, it’s absolutely no dig at the performers themselves but it’s a very safe trio there. Kasabian headlined back in 2012, and although it is true that they put on one hell of a show and do have new material to expose, it has been seen before and I’d prefer to see someone else take that slot, with Kasabian sitting in a still very admirable second to last spot. Eminem headlined only a few years ago in 2013 and with no new music that I’m aware of I’m a little confused by this. I also remember not being overwhelmed with that booking the first time around but I was made aware that he absolutely smashed it so, what do I know? Muse fall into a similar category as both the aforementioned. Seen it before, don’t really need to see it again, but with the visual stage show Muse always offers, a mid evening slot just wouldn’t work, so I guess that can be forgiven.

Now, the really important bit, the rest of the acts. See, the best thing about a festival if you want to do it right is to use the time and experience to expand your music knowledge. Go and find your new favourite band, take a chance on an artist you’ve never heard of before, wander into a tent and with an open mind, discover talent and music like you’ve never done before. This exact method led me to bands like Spector, Friends and even a very young and early Bastille, so you know it works. Here’s Mojo20’s must see selections:

Two Door Cinema Club

Circa Waves

The Amazons

Barns Courtney


At The Drive In

Glass Animals

Everything Everything

Sundara Karma

Black Lips





If you come away having seen all of them, consider you’re money well spent, but do go and see as much as you can. To all the festival goers out there, have a great time and make sure you discover something new. If you don’t have a ticket yet, then maybe you should have a little think about that…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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