It’s been a couple of weeks since Mojo20 first heard that any of this was a thing, and I can only apologise for the tardiness of the review, but it couldn’t be ignored and had to be explored eventually. As absolutely huge fans of Bombay Bicycle Club, solo material comes as a second place to new material by the full band, but then again, Jack Steadman is one hell of a talented and intriguing musician, so this deserves our attention just as much. So, here’s the low down, lead vocalist from Bombay Bicycle Club, Jack Steadman has renamed and repackaged as Mr. Jukes and has embarked on a solo project which will also incorporate a new album set to be released on July the 14th. First to be showcased from the upcoming record was the jazzy as hell ‘Angels/Your Love’ which features the vocal stylings of BJ The Chicago Kid. Heavy on brass and with more swing than a children’s play park, it’s certainly a departure from the indie rock sound we’re used to, but then again, you can feel Steadman… sorry, Mr Jukes’ influence all over it, from his whimsical and dreamy vocal style to the bouncy beat of the track. Of course, there’s a lot more of an R&B flavour to it, but with The Chicago Kid on the track, this comes as no surprise. It’s a warm, good time track and despite the contrast of styles from his band work to his solo project it’s a wonderful introduction to an entirely new world as dreamt up by this new persona.

But then he followed up with ‘Tears’ featuring the awesome Alexandria on backing vocals. Still very different, and just as interesting, we felt a little more at home due to the more electronic sound and the duelling male and female vocals that Lucy Rose would normally provide. Again, a very R&B feel and a hell of a lot of soul. But the cymbals and the emotive lyrics do two things, they bring an existing fan of his previous work to a more relatable position, but also sky rocket the track into the same stratosphere as his greatest efforts to date. It may even out do Bombay Bicycle Club. I wanted to move away from just seeing him as the vocalist of a band and see Mr Jukes as his own entity with much to offer, completely aside from all things in the past. ‘Tears’ did that for me. ‘Angels/Your Love’ as great as it is left me with questions and anticipation, ‘Tears’ settled it all for me and left me a fan and a future purchaser… and no doubt, reviewer of ‘God First’ when it’s released in July. All hail Mr Jukes…

A new Bombay Bicycle Club soon wouldn’t go amiss though, just saying….

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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