The three sisters from Fernando Valley, LA have finally broke musical silence as they released a 57 second teaser on social media the other night. Haim have previously released statements saying that a second album is on the way this summer but we’ve had no sign of new music until now despite their festival schedule getting larger and larger all the time. It’s been a whole four years since they released their debut record ‘Days Are Gone’ and after releasing six different singles from the album as well as featuring on the Calvin Harris track ‘Pray To God’. This was the last time we heard new music from them and following the release of ‘Pray To God’ I think all expectations pointed towards a much more contemporary, electronic sound than they’d debuted with. Perhaps no more comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, and the garage rock sounds as seen on ‘Forever’ and ‘Don’t Save Me’ could potentially be a thing of the past? However the teaser features Danielle Haim, lead singer and guitarist, playing the drums aggressively throughout, with no other musical accompaniment and I can only imagine that this is the drum track to their first come back single. The teaser video is entitled ‘One’ and I certainly expect to see teasers ‘Two’ and ‘Three’ to follow shortly as the introduction to the return single comes together and is subsequently released. Either way, it’s a promising start for long time fans of the band such as Mojo20, and it’s a relief to hear that new music is well and truly on its way. One things for sure, now we’ve seen Danielle behind a drum kit, we know that the over the top facial expressions aren’t exclusive to Este.

Here comes another summer of Haim.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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