Fall Out Boy have returned and with brand new single ‘Young & Menace’ as well as the announcement for their seventh studio album ‘Mania’. The album isn’t set to be released until September but with the unveiling of this brand new track, we’ve all had a good look at what may come, and it’s a rather different direction for the former pop punk/alt rock quartet.

The new single features a varying tempo as the verses are a slow and minimalist set up for a crazy, over the top electro chorus. High pitched synthesised vocals dominate the chorus with heavy guitar riffs and crashing drums, and it’s a stark contrast to what we’ve known Fall Out Boy for over the past fourteen years of their career. Now, a change in sound isn’t so surprising as they’ve proven to be the kings of progression and evolution, starting out with a huge following in the underground pop rock scene and through the success of their second album ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ back in 2005, particularly lead tracks ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down’ and ‘Dance, Dance’, managing to expand their fan base and catch the attention of producers and labels that would enhance and compliment what they already had. Their last two albums have been a little more grand as far as almost becoming stadium rock and very palatable on a commercial scale. Through this they seemed to lose a little of what made them so endearing before, but whilst still, as far as sound, they remained in the same ball park. Of course it’s far too early to say they’ve altered their sound entirely as ‘Young & Menace’ may be the only track on the new album that is so heavy on the electronics, but at this stage, if it wasn’t for Patrick Stump’s vocal’s I’d say the band were pretty much unrecognisable.

Now, we’ve never been anti progression or even slated an artist or band for picking up and aiming in a completely different direction, some of the greatest musicians on the planet have made a career of it, but with a gradual subsidence of interest following the last album, I can’t say this new single has helped the cause. As obscure as the new approach to he music is, the accompanying video is even stranger, so make sure to check that out. As creative as the video is, the song had my attention the entire time and in a rather neutral way. I mean, if not for nothing, there’s curiosity in what they’ll do next, but will it inspire the masses of fans FOB had back in the mid 2000’s? Is it what we’ve all hoped for from them as a new album gets set for release? Only time will tell. The fact I haven’t produced a positive review for a new Fall Out Boy track is agonising for the 18 year old version of myself, but maybe good things don’t last forever.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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