It’s amazing really that in this day and age, the release or unveiling of a music video can be just as important, or entertaining as the release of the single for which the video is supposed to promote. In the earlier days of music videos and even the so called MTV generation, a video would be released alongside it’s adjoining track, where as now, it can be a revitalisation for a single release or even signify the true release to the masses of the track despite being released beforehand, on a much later date or not at all as a single. This appears to be the case with Father John Misty and the release of the music video for ‘Total Entertainment Forever’ from his latest album Pure Comedy’. The track itself was officially released as the fourth release from his latest album at the very beginning of March, but only now towards the end of April, the video has been unveiled. But with all that said, it may just be the right way to do it here, due to the incredible cameos and brilliant videography. With almost two months of momentum, and considering it to be the fourth single release, it may be just what Misty needs to reignite interest and maximise potential for his latest album.

With a starring role by Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin amongst a religious/political setting we see a crucifixion of sorts by men all dressed remarkably like Ronald McDonald, as well as a saxophone playing Bill Clinton figure, and someone on a weird papier-mâché VR headset, getting ready to do something terrible. The video was apparently shot at a McDonalds location also, which makes it even stranger. The oddest part is probably the brief and sort of out of context appearance by Har Mar Superstar. Needless to reaffirm, it’s pretty crazy viewing and one hell of a captivating and vibrant video, but it has to be said that the track itself is one of Misty’s most upbeat and most fun. The singer songwriter from Maryland has always been proficient in sentiment and a much easier, more laid back style of delivery, so it’s great to see one of the most exciting tracks from his latest LP, receive recognition by visual accompaniment, especially when it’s as entertaining as this. The track covers themes like entertainment, easy access to media, fantasy, virtual reality, modern life, technological advancement and social media. All very present, and all very dominant ideas for day to day to life in 2017. I admit it, I’m always interested in anything that has a go at the superficial and spoilt side of modern life and love to see a figure such as Father John Misty take a stab at it all, hoping that at least one person sees the video, hears the track and finally realises just how pointless it all is. But hey, maybe that’s expecting too much. However, if there was to be any track out there in the world of music and message that has a positive effect on the dead eyed lost youth on planet earth, I’d like to think it’d be ‘Total Entertainment Forever’.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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