So after much teasing, deliberating and anticipation, Haim have released their come back single, ‘Want You Back’. On BBC radio 1, tonight’s hottest record in the world was dedicate to the LA sisters and doubled as the debut for their long awaited return single before the release of their second album ‘Something To Tell You’ set for release in July. Now we’ve covered a lot of this gradual unveiling of new music, and it’s had it’s ups and downs. From the original, aggressive minute long teaser on social media the other week, to their full track teaser which actual disheartened and fell a little flat, the real deal is here and they’ve answered all questions and reassured all naysayers.

It’s a big, BIG, return track and features those wonderful Haim style harmonies like they do best. It’s an upbeat, heavily layered track that grows and develops into a frantic celebration of all things Haim and actually reminds us of back in the beginning of their initial takeover in 2012/2013 and the countless comparisons to Fleetwood Mac, as comparisons can definitely be made here too. It’s a much stronger return track than the teasers would have ever even suggested or eluded to and especially after the release of ‘Right Now’ last week, it didn’t seem they’d be delivering anything particularly new and exciting, but as MistaJam so eloquently put on Radio 1, it’s like Haim but on steroids. I couldn’t agree more. They’ve perfected their sound and developed their style and it all adds up to something brilliant.

With such a huge gap between albums, it’s great to have them back and sounding so good, so congratulations to Haim and here’s to a big summer of shows and festivals, all set to the soundtrack of brand new original music by Haim.


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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