It doesn’t seem two minutes since we celebrated the return of Paramore and specifically the release of their come back single ‘Hard Times’ and normally we may wait it out and review the hell out of the album once it was ready top drop, but I’m afraid the 12th of May is just that little bit too far away and considering they debuted their next single on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show tonight, we’re going to stop and take a proper look at ‘Told You So’.


As previously mentioned, Paramore’s fifth studio album ‘After Laughter’ is set for release next week and it’s a release well worth getting excited about since they made one of the best returns in years with the endlessly fun and addictive ‘Hard Times’ which has taken over the airwaves and got everyone buzzing about their fresher sound and colourful look. With a shoe in for song of the year, they’ve got a lot of backing up to do and the pressure may well be on, to a further extent than before they came back. Luckily for them ‘Told You So’ hasn’t disappointed at all and has kept hopes high. Now of course, it’s not as brash and shocking as it’s predecessor BUT it actually offers something different. It’s slicker, and cooler, but whilst maintaining that upbeat, funky sound. Even the visual presentation is slightly edgier and even a little darker. They’ve presented us with both sides of the coin here recently and nailed it on both counts.

Who knew that in 2017 Paramore would return to take over the world, and if they continue on this path, releasing well written, substantial pop/rock music, they surely can’t go wrong. Their appeal is endless from their vibrant look to their powerful but fun new sound and the good times may just be starting for Hayley Williams and her band. May 12th, come at us…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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