“We spiiiiiiiiiiiies, we slow hands, put the weights around yourself”. Nope, it’s not the classic Interpol track, it’s actually another brand new release by a One Direction alumni and it’s Irish chappy Niall Horan as he’s unveiled brand new single ‘Slow Hands’ and not to say there’s any rivalry between the ex One Direction lads, but whether friendly or not, you can consider shots to have been well and truly fired as just weeks after Harry Styles released ‘Sign Of The Times’ and found massive success with it, and rightfully so since it was actually pretty good, Horan has released a funky, upbeat and really rather cool follow up to his first example of new music since last September’s ‘This Town’.

His previous solo track was, you know fine, in fact it was fairly good, but it was a little middle of the road and could have easily been another Ed Sheeran track. Nothing extremely special, but it was good enough and we thought it showed us that as all the other lads were heading down different musical avenues, Niall would take the contemporary singer songwriter route. While Zayn has claimed the commercial R&B route and Harry has gone down a very grand pop rock sounding road, plus there’s the other one who did that awful dance thing with Steve Aoki. But Niall has proven here that segregating his musical style into a specific genre this early will just lead to us all being horrendously wrong. ‘Slow Hands’ appears to have no connection, through sound, delivery, content or anything else to ‘This Town’ and will no doubt make for a varied and diverse debut album. This new track features samples, big drums and a grainy vocal sound that actually fits great and adds a little cool factor which for an ex One D member is a challenging prospect. It’s a fun song with a catchy as hell chorus and a slick guitar riff on the bridge.

It’s good. I can’t say anymore and it’s going to be huge commercially, you can just tell. The lads, whether you like them or not, or whether they’re doing it all on their own or seeking help from the industry’s biggest boffins to create these tracks (which they are) they’re making this solo thing work and whilst already multi-millionaires, they’re widening their scope and permanently growing the importance of their inevitable reunion in the future. Clever guys. 

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music) 


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