The music world was buzzing all last night as news broke yesterday that two brand new tracks by the returning LCD Soundsystem and James Murphy had announced that the new material would sweep the globe gradually and the news of this imminent event did just the same. Every music publication and radio station in the world jumped on board for the release and fans and peers waited to hear what the genius of James Murphy had in store for us.

It isn’t disappointing at all.

Something about ‘Call The Police’ just makes you feel at home once you hear it, like all is right with the world again and the missing piece of the puzzle has been found and put right back into place. It’s got that classic LCD Soundsystem structure and feel to it as the song builds and grows to an increasingly powerful and intensifying backing track. Featuring an other worldly sounding guitar on the track it’s surreal but also, so, so real all at the same time. Plus, of course, it’s got those brilliant Murphy vocals on the track, almost lazy and laid back but so effective in it’s delivery, the whole track just screams “LCD Soundsystem are back!” which is exactly what we all wanted. The new album is due later in the year and it looks like it’ll be a disappointment free time when it finally does, and thank god for that as we’ve all be hanging on patiently for this since the beginning of 2016. You can also hear ‘American Dream’ which was released last night also, so there’s plenty to keep us happy before the LP is released. Welcome back to LCD Soundsystem, now just keep them coming.


Check out the stream below from the first play of ‘Call The Police’ from BBC Radio 1:

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)




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