So after a full and busy weekend, it’s finally time to get down to business and report back on what may end up being one of 2017’s biggest album releases, and that comes in the form of the returning indie giants Kasabian and their sixth studio album ‘For Crying Out Loud’. The Leicestershire lads are into their twentieth year as a unit and if you think they’re slowing down you’re dead wrong. In an album review situation we’d probably tease and play with the idea that the album may be good or it may be terrible but, come on, not only has Kasabian never released a poor album, but with come back single ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ doing the rounds for weeks now, we know how great that is and also how brilliant the music video was at it featured a One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest style setting and had guest appearances from long time friend of the band, Noel Fielding and This Is England star Stephen Graham. This comeback single seemed to have a strong return to the guitar based rock n roll that made them famous and lead singer Tom Meighan had even cited in interviews that his love for guitar music had been reborn, which would go on to strongly influence the sound of the record. However, at the same time it feels lighter, funkier, with a much more dance feel to it.


As lead writer, Sergio appears to have cherry picked attributes and elements of what makes modern rock n roll great and have thrown back sounds and styles from all decades and regions. The most rock n roll sounding track on the whole album may be the most deceptive of them all, entitled ‘Bless This Acid House’. A song about Acid House that couldn’t sound more mid 2000’s indie if it tried, but it’s a heart warming and smiley throw back to summers of indie, ten years ago when an influx of bands, such as Kasabian took over and dominated the music scene for a few years. They were unforgettable times and despite the lyrical content throwing us off entirely, the feel of the track is something else entirely. ‘Good Fight’ features fuzzy bass and a steadier beat which is reminiscent of the nineties Madchester/Britpop scene and could easily have been a Blur song, or even a Stone Roses single. ‘Wasted’ is a massive highlight and sounds completely different to everything else on the album. Heavier in reverb and with a fantastic guitar riff that drives throughout the track while everything around it builds including the backing vocals layered over the chorus towards the end, it begins as a more subtle, down tempo part of the album and then proves you entirely wrong. Similar to this is ‘The Party Never Ends’ which builds and evolved with every few seconds. What I love most about these two tracks in particular is the almost western sound to them, reminding me of ‘Man Of Simple Pleasures’ from fourth album ‘Velociraptor’. There really is no constant tone, tempo or mood to the album but one standout, and it’s suspected to be the next single as it’s getting some radio play already and is the opener to the record, ‘Ill Ray (The King)’ is without doubt the most riotous, rock n roll, over the top and yet somehow still extremely funky jewel of the whole album. This will be the one to look forward to and not miss at upcoming gigs and festival appearances and will no doubt blow the place to bits when it’s played.

What more is there to say, it’s a great album and Kasabian remain six out of six on releasing brilliant records. So go get it, buy it, listen to it, especially with the added incentive of disrupting the stagnant and dull UK charts at the minute. A world where Kasabian has number one album instead of Ed Sheeran, is a world I want to live in.

Words by Stuart Green (mojo20_music)


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