An unlikely but extremely interesting collaboration has been announced, teased and released tonight as earlier we got to hear just over one minute of a brand new track by electro four piece Chase & Status and everybody’s newest indie darlings Blossoms. A strange combination certainly and an eclectic mix of styles too, but we’ve seen this before from Chase & Status as they regularly collaborate and feature other artists in their work, such as Tom Grennan, Plan B and Tinie Tempah. Perhaps their most diverse project was the track they released with Slaves last year, so this new announcement should come as little surprise.


However, the cool thing about this is that the keyword in this release is AND. Not featuring or with, but AND. It’s a completely joint effort with both parties performing and writing, adding elements of their own unique greatness. The track sounds really interesting too as it definitely has an indie rock vibe and since Blossoms aren’t strangers entirely to a faint electronic sound, it could just be a brand new exclusive, possibly set to feature on their second album, but you can feel the Chase & Status touch on the song already and it’ll be very interesting to see what’s coming later for both parties. Who knows, but we’ll be waiting.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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