So we all know Kate Nash, and I dare say we all love her even if that’s based retrospectively on memories of the mid 2000’s when we were all obsessed with her ‘Made Of Bricks’ album. But, be that as it may Nash is back and releasing provocative, loud and vibrant new music including her latest single ‘Agenda’ which is the title track from her recently released EP and is likely to be featured on her fourth studio album which is currently in the works and being funded by a Kickstarter crowd funding project.

We all know that Kate Nash is a keen activist and has always been outspoken when it comes to her views on politics, sexuality and the superficial and poorly nurtured state of the music industry, and ‘Agenda’ seems to be her latest vessel for conveying her frustrations and taking a jab at some of her displeasures. Now, I’ll admit, I may be biased here and that’s because I agree entirely with the vast majority of her points and the track and the music video that accompanies it perfectly illustrate how ridiculous the current social state is. Picking on things like narcissism and the obsession with social media and it’s accessibility to easy and quick validation. The track is a tweaked and crazily structured  attack on the self indulgent and the materialistic and although perhaps not the easiest to digest, it’s a unique and artistic approach to abstaining from what has become the everyday norm in todays damaged and brainwashed culture. The song jumps from style to style and features a melodic and beautifully delivered vocal performance amongst all the chaos, showing us all that Kate Nash has got a ton of tricks up her sleeve. The video’s vibrant and colourful, if not a little brash and aggressive but it goes perfectly with the idea of the song. The one bit I really can’t pin down with a meaning, whether it’s right or wrong is the reoccurring lines about brushing your teeth. I can’t dissect that at all, but from an artist that released a track called ‘Mouthwash’ almost a decade ago, maybe she’s just bang into dental hygiene?

It’s great to have Kate Nash still releasing great music, with provocative undertones and themes and at a time like this, it’s nice to know we have strong companionship in the shunning of todays social media led youth culture. I also hope to see more on her fourth album as soon as possible, and of course, you can help towards that by giving to the Kickstarter account right here. Kate Nash is also running a tenth anniversary tour for her debut album and it’s not one to miss, so check out these dates below.


Amongst ALL of that, Nash is set to star in the upcoming Netflix series ‘Glow’ centred around women’s wrestling which is guaranteed to be one hell of a different role to what we’ve ever seen her in before, so don’t miss that. She’s back, and she may be taking over the world.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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