It’s been a few weeks since Royal Blood made their long awaited return and they debuted their comeback single ‘Lights Out’ which of course we immediately reviewed with positive and encouraging feedback. However after a minute to sit back and really take it in fully, it may be said that the positivity was mainly centred around the return itself and not so much the track. Now, when Royal Blood first hit the scene with the unforgettably brash ‘Out Of The Black’ it was no surprise that they became the hottest thing in alt-rock and became a big name in 2014 even before releasing their first album. ‘Lights Out’ actually didn’t have that same punch and despite being, you know, good, maybe even… pretty good just didn’t have the same lasting effect or impact, and after multiple plays and some radio exposure felt a little flat. However, fast forward a couple of weeks to present time and they’ve released their second single from upcoming sophomore album ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ and, well, let’s just say, that’s more like it.

‘Hook, Line & Sinker’ is truly a return to form and should undoubtedly have been the comeback single, as it features the same heavy and dirty bass licks alongside crashing and aggressive drums, but more than that, the flow of the vocals and the lyrical content is everything and more we ever wanted or expected from a returning Royal Blood. It’s more melodic in parts and it’s even more heavy in others, but it’s reminiscent of previous singles like ‘Little Monster’ and ‘Figure It Out’ giving us all a bit more of what we know them for, but actually surpassing their previously set benchmark. The track is now available and the music video is on YouTube (see below) for your enjoyment and it’s true that the excitement for Royal Blood’s return and the promise of more exclusive music just got a hell of a whole lot more exciting. More like this please…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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