It seems to be an overwhelming trend at the minute to give everything its own special day. Gone are the days when we were happy with Independence day, St.George’s day, Record store day, Pancake day and all those classics, but now you can find just about anything including British sandwich week, World naked gardening day, National spaghetti day and even World womble day. All of these will obviously be preceded by one of these, oh so familiar beauties, #, a hashtag and the social media universe must stop in their tracks and celebrate these obscure and pointless annual events. However, today is marked by being a much worthier occasion, celebrating a sub culture that’s always been around and hopefully always will. Here, we’re going to look at a few of our favourite goths as we honour WORLD GOTH DAY!

Robert Smith


The Cure frontman is a legend in experimental indie and alt rock but his goth inspired style is what has made him stand out for almost four whole decades. Born in Blackpool and now a solid 58 years old, he may be the unlikeliest goth of all time, but he’s still doing his thing, and doing it well.

Dani Filth


A goth in a much more extreme sense and taking inspiration from the infamous black metal bands of Europe and Scandinavia, Dani Filth despite emanating from Hertfordshire, this guy has taken goth culture to the extreme with his band, the incredible Cradle of Filth. As extreme as any other British born metal band, they’ve made a career off of shocking the world, but their music has always managed to transcend their genre, using guest vocalists and 80’s covers to grab the attention of even the slightest metal head.

Noel Fielding


The Mighty Boosh star and widely loved comedian and actor, has been embracing the goth look for over a decade now and even though when the first series of the Boosh aired he heavily billed himself as a mod, by the time the second series came around, he was a fully fledged goth and has been ever since.

Ville Valo

The Finnish dream boat and vocalist of the soon to be retired love metal band HIM, has taken the Scandinavian goth look and become a sex symbol to millions over the two plus decades that the band have been around. Using his look and lyrics to pretty much make any girl (or bloke) fall in love with him, it’s been a winning combo from the start. Will he change his look once the band have finished their upcoming farewell tour? We hope not.

Tim Burton


The director extraordinaire is not only proficient in the goth lifestyle and look, but his movies have always had that gothic element to them. Dark classics like ‘Sweeny Todd’, ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ ‘Beetlejuice’ and ‘Edward Scissorhands’ are just an example of his style and with fellow goths Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter always on the casting, it’s effortless gothic-ness at its best.

Ian Astbury


Perhaps a little more low key goth, but the frontman of 80’s rock band The Cult is a bit of a shape shifter and if you go and Google images of him, almost every picture looks like a different guy. However, the goth undertone is always there and the goth rock/post punk outfit have always released good music too, so he makes our list.

Ozzy Osbourne


There’s really no introduction needed, no explanation needed and with a nickname like the Prince of darkness… I guess you ‘ve got the picture. Possibly the most famous and well known goth, the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, ladies and gentlemen.

So there’s just an example of the greatest goths in the public eye. Who are your favourites? Who did we miss? Let us know in the comments or on our vast social media empire, but above all else, HAPPY WORLD GOTH DAY!


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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