We’re a few days away from the long anticipated return of one of the worlds biggest stadium rock bands, the almighty Muse. With a summer full of festival headline slots and a four month tour, their brand new single ‘Dig Down’ has landed and shown us what we can expect in the future. But before looking forward to the future, let’s take a look back at the past and indulge in Mojo20’s favourite tracks by Muse

Knights Of Cydonia (from Black Holes & Revelations) 2006

This over the top sci-fi meets country and western epic, closed their fourth studio album but what an impact it leaves. With laser guns and galloping horses, set behind Matt Bellamy’s dreamy vocals, this one all of a sudden implodes into a guitar solo that always reminded me of Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ but on steroids. Awesome.

Time Is Running Out (from Absolution) 2003

This lead single from their third record kicked things off in a huge way. When Muse really broke through, ‘Origins Of Symmetry’ set the bar extremely high, but they smashed it out of the park when they arrived with this.

Undisclosed Desires (from The Resistance) 2009

Muses’ 2009 album ‘The Resistance’ had a much more political edge about it and it hit as heavy and as hard as anything they’d ever done, but this more subtle and darkly beautiful single release stole the show.

Feeling Good (from Origins Of Symmetry) 2001

How often does a band or artist take a classic, legendary song and make it even better. When Muse took Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ they took a jazz/soul track and came out with one of the best rock covers, if not greatest rock tracks of the early 2000’s. Not many ca do that now can they?

Psycho (from Drones) 2015

Gigantic in stature and heavy and gritty in sound, ‘Psycho’ really set the tone for their 2015, and last return. The album continued to be a lot more on the political side compared to their early material but this one is just an all out war on authority and if I was the authority, I’d be terrified.

Starlight (from Black Holes & Revelations) 2006

When this track first dropped, it took only the first verse for the piano part to become iconic. It’s unmistakeable, beautiful and rock n roll but with intelligent and cleverly crafted finesse.

Dig Down (from TBA) 2018

This brand new track doesn’t belong to an album yet but with it’s release came the announcement of an eighth studio album being released next year. However, this steady and subtle ode to resilience and revolution has brought Muse back into the forefront of British rock n roll. 2018’s too far away though lads, come on now, crack on.

New Born (from Origins Of Symmetry) 2001

The kick off to their massive, and now legendary breakthrough album set the tone for a career that couldn’t be ignored, and with their obscure, creative and sci-fi based flavour of rock n roll, ‘New Born’ became the soundtrack to what was yet to happen.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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