Today may be many things, one of those is Monday which nobody really likes, but another is the fifth anniversary of and what a five years it’s been. With half a decade online, we’ve managed to continually provide another side of what we have to offer as well as immersing even further into the wonderful world of music. With a further two years DJing at countless events, festivals and club nights, today we celebrate the side of us that works, not from a DJ booth but from behind the keyboard. So take a look at what I call our greatest hits, as we look back over a handful of our favourite works in our the five years of… enjoy.

An Interview With Ville Valo From HIM

Back in 2013 following what would unknowingly and unfortunately become their last studio album, and amidst a UK tour, we caught up with an icon in Scandinavian metal and a personal hero since childhood. The interview was insightful, a lot of fun and means even more now we know it may be the last due to their recent farewell announcement… or is it?

Slaves arrive!

One of the greatest things we get to do, and any music journalist will know this, is whilst firmly keeping a finger on the pulse of new music, every now and again you’ll find out that what you’ve discovered and reported on may have been solid gold. No greater example of this came when in 2014 Slaves released ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie?’ and of course we reviewed the track immediately after falling in love with the duo. How big they’d get, we had no idea at the time, but they’ve grown into a punk force of nature since then and we expect they’re just getting started.

Before JAWS Were Famous!

In keeping with a similar point to the previous example, one of our first interviews were with a fresh and brand new indie band called JAWS. Their music immediately grabbed our attention and they were kind enough to speak to us as we found out more. We’ve never been one to focus on the rich and famous but have always tried to champion new and interesting music by up and coming bands, and years later JAWS proved to us all that we were right as they’ve released two great albums and two awesome EP’s and there’s a lot more to come.


Sometimes you just never know what fans of are going to enjoy the most but one reoccurring theme appears to be… anything to do with Razorlight. Johnny Borrell and his mid 2000’s indie band of merry men have always garnered a ton of attention whether it be our run down of our favourite tracks or our recent gig review from the Lincoln Showground where Mojo20 provided the music between bands. AsI said in the gig review, why they’re not still at the forefront of good rock n roll, I really don’t know, but on there are and always have been.

A Rotten encounter.

Getting to speak openly with your heroes is a hell of a thrill and there’s been no shortage of that on, but one of the highlights had to be interviewing John Lydon of the Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited fame. Punk music was instrumental in the creation of Mojo20 as a brand and speaking to one of the leading lights in the field was unforgettable. If you like your punk classic and iconic you can’t forget our interactions with Ramones bass player CJ Ramone either…

The Stranglers Take Over The Engine Shed!

Gig reviews are always fun, if for no other reason than being able to relive what you just saw. When The Stranglers returned to The Engine Shed last year they put on an absolute show stopping performance proving that not only do they still have it, but they may be better than ever. Following this review fans of the band all over the world came to to find out what all the fuss was about, and I certainly hope we gave them their answer.

Throwback Thursdays.

In the age of hashtags and trends we subtly jumped on the band wagon but whilst attempting to maintain some credibility. In doing this we started up the Throwback Thursday feature in which we looked retrospectively at some of our favourite albums of all time, celebrating their anniversaries and imploring you to go ahead and give them another listen. Tackling such classics like The debut of Klaxons, 2007 classics from the likes of Kings Of Leon, Jamie T and Maximo Park as well as lesser known works from Reel Big Fish and The Bloodhound Gang.

A Very Metal Encounter.

In 2016 another very special interview opportunity arose as I got the chance to speak with Corey Taylor of both Slipknot and Stone Sour. As one of the best known frontmen of the metal genre since the early 2000’s it was a chance to get inside the head of an enigmatic icon and with a new Stone Sour record on the way, maybe there’ll be another chance to do it again…

So there’s just an example of what we’ve been up to over the first five years of and who knows what we’ll do next… you better keep your eyes right here. Happy Birthday to

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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