This past Friday, potentially the must have album of the summer of 2017 was released and it comes curtesy of Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach as he releases his second solo record in eight years. As we all know, The Black Keys are one of the greatest modern rock n roll bands as they’ve famously merged gritty rock n roll with bluesy tones and heavy riff work. As a duo they’ve previously left the world in awe of the music they can create when their heads are put together and leave us all astonished at how they can develop such a sound from so little. Auerbach’s latest solo effort, ‘Waiting On A Song’, has a very different feel to it and appears to come from a very different depth of his creative mind. It’s such a happy and light affair and as previously mentioned just feels like summer as soon as you hear it. Images of open top cars with friends, in the sunshine immediately infiltrate the forefront of your mind and really, just make you want to go and have a damn good time. Not to say at all that The Black Keys music didn’t have a feel good, party factor to it but it came from a more aggressive and murkier pace than this. He appears to be tapping into an entirely different aspect of his song writing genius and boy does it pay off.

Songs like ‘King Of A One Horse Town’ makes me think of Jack Johnson, and my younger days enjoying care free, sunny days at friends houses. ‘Shine On Me’ is the track Paul Simon never wrote and despite its simplicity stands out as one of the strongest pieces on the album due to how much it epitomises the tone of the entire album. The title track ‘Waiting On A Song’ has all the same qualities and also stands out as one of the biggest tracks on the album, featuring beautiful guitar licks and a really deep country feel to it, which shouldn’t be surprising considering it was recorded at Easy Eye Sound Studios in Nashville. ‘Malibu Man’ has a massive 60’s soul vibe, using strings and synths to give it an edge on the more stripped back parts of the record. Man, I could go on all day but I implore you to go ahead and hear this album and therefore having the best shot at creating the greatest summer of your life. One thing’s for sure and this may seem bold, but six months into 2017, this is without a doubt the best album release I’ve come across so far and I can imagine riding this album for the next six months to come.


As a long time fan, I’m always looking for new Black Keys to be released, but this Mr. Auerbach will do just fine until it finally gets here. The greatest album of 2017 has arrived… go get it.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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