As Brooklyn indie popsters The Drums get ready to unleash their fourth studio record ‘Abysmal Thoughts’ they’ve released a brand new track from the album, just today, called ‘Mirrors’ and it’s all the confirmation we needed to prove that despite recent on goings with the band, the signature sound and style has remained and hangs together just as good as it ever did. With founding member and lead singer Jonny Pierce now being the only member due to departures of the previous three members, he’s managed to keep everything that makes The Drums so special and done it with the help of Ionna Gika from IO Echo. ‘Mirrors’ is dreamy and beautiful indie pop at its best, but with fast paced drum rolls and a summery guitar riff to go with the typical use of reverb that we recognise them for, creating a wonderful blend just in time for the summer of 2017 . It’s not only reminiscent of some of their best works previous to this, but reminds us of The War On Drugs and a little of Bombay Bicycle Club. Not bad company to be in right?


Their brand new fourth album is set for release this Friday and as well as ‘Mirrors’ will feature the debut single release from the record ‘Blood Under My Belt as well as other pre release tracks ‘Heart Basel’ and ‘Head Of The Horse’. Make sure to check it out this Friday.



Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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