Here at we don’t only report the global goings on of the music world, but like to focus sometimes on the up and coming, the brand new and the local home-grown talent of hardworking and ambitious young musicians. We’ve always made attempts also to find bands on the rise so we can say “I told you so” when they go on to do great things. Just see our interviews with Life & Jaws for example. With all that said, when Lincoln singer songwriter Sam Varlow got in touch to let us know about his upcoming new single, we invited him to introduce himself to all of you and see what he has to say. Check out our interview with Sam Varlow…

Hi Sam, so let’s start at the beginning. We’ve known you in the past for being the lead singer in Devlinblue. Why did the band decide to break up and what motivated you to go solo?

It was great fun but it got to the point where it wasn’t right for me, hence me leaving. I took some time out from writing and playing any live music! The solo thing made sense, it wasn’t really a choice! That just kind of happened, much like most of this project to be honest. I’ve let it take me where it needs to be, nothing has been forced and if there were any times where something wasn’t working, myself and the others involved found a different route!

You’re just about to release your first solo single ‘These Days’ on July 17th. Tell us about the influence behind the sound and the lyrics?

So “These Days” marked a culmination of a few things – my approach to guitar playing, singing and song writing. I have always been fascinated with songs and song writing and I decided to invest time into that. Sound wise I guess it’s a lot more tame than my previous stuff, but this particular song needed that. It’s a summer road trip tune!

Where will ‘These Days’ be available to get a hold of?

It’s available on; Itunes, Apple Play, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Pandora!

With a single getting ready for release, does this mean more new music to come later? Maybe even an LP at a later date?

Yeah there’s more stuff in the pipeline, I’ve written heaps of material and there’s another release set for the coming months.

What’s the live show schedule like at the minute? Where can people that dig your music find you?

Nothing in the diary as of yet, that will be announced soon though. You can keep up to date on any developments or upcoming events on my Facebook page.

What was it that initially got you into music? Any names or events that made it clear to you that this would have to be the path you take?

I’ve always been surrounded by music from an early age. I was a huge AC/DC fan! I used to play the air guitar to the Back in Black album all the time at eight years old. There’s too many to mention really, so many artists have influenced me or filled me with inspiration. I just thought man, that’s what I want to do! Make people feel the way I feel when I listen to my favourite singer or favourite drummer or lyric!



Let’s get some musical insight, who are you listening to at the minute and what’s good?

So at the minute I’m listening to a load of instrumental prog (I guess Metal?) stuff, Animals as Leaders, Plini, Nick Johnston. I’ve been spinning the latest SiKth album too, Dan Weller the guitarist produced “These Days” he was great to work with, I learnt a lot from him. He’s the man! I’ve also been playing a load of Audioslave, Soundgarden and Chris Cornell tunes, I loved that guy, he’s been a huge influence and his music has been the soundtrack to 80% of my life I’d say. I can’t express in words how it felt when I heard he’d passed away. Oh and Dead Letter Circus, their latest EP is incredible.

Sam Varlow (@samvarlowmusic) was speaking to Mojo20’s Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)

You can also find Sam on Instagram @samvarlow




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