So it’s common knowledge that one of the biggest bands on the planet, most respected outfits in music today and one of the most eclectic and experimentally expressive forces in artistry Arcade Fire have returned and are set to release their fifth studio album since their debut back in 2004. ‘Everything Now’ is scheduled for release on the 28th of July but with the lead up to this, like most do, we’ve been treated to a number of early single releases to tease us and get us excited and frothing at the mouth for more. We’d already heard the amazing ‘Creature Comfort’ and then, what would become the title track to the upcoming record.

‘Everything Now’ has been circulating for a couple of weeks now and the music video has also been available on YouTube for the past two weeks, but as it starts to circulate and musically inject itself into the veins of Arcade Fire fans and lovers of music, we have to jump on board and give our two cents as this new release has way too many interesting elements to it.

We all know that Arcade Fire are the chameleons of the music world and Win Butler and the ever changing gang are always keeping us on our toes when it comes to returning with new music as the genre and sound has a tendency to alter entirely and showcase a completely different side to what they have on offer. This is no different at all, but appears to have a combination of all former guises, mixed together to create some sort of super sound. It’s summery and vibrant but with addictive piano work and a slightly bohemian feel to it, reminiscent of their debut LP ‘Funeral’. Like, yes of course I’m aware it sounds a little like the theme tune to a mid afternoon TV drama from the 80’s/90’s but along with that comes a catchy, soulful hook that has you drawn to attention and replaying it over and over again in your head, immersed in it’s bright and positive aura. Just as you’ve settled into this, the chorus comes and the tempo peaks just slightly and the delivery becomes more danceable. It’s an anthem. There’s a mild euphoria to it and all you can imagine is dancing wildly to it alongside a crowd of a thousand festival goers in the blazing hot sun. With festival season only just around the corner, this couldn’t be better timing and I imagine that fantasy to become a sure fire reality. It’s a fantastic return by the Canadian indie rock troupe and the album is sure to hold even more gems just like this, so you can bet your bottom dollar that comes this late July/early August, this album and its contents will be unavoidable, and what a great prospect that sounds.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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