Thinking Green



Ok, so straight away let me just clear something up right now. This may not read or even be a traditional review, in fact it’s not a review at all, more of a statement. As we approach this weeks UK top 40 chart run down, on Radio 1 later today, one of the biggest new hits that may alter the landscape of the top ranked tracks available in the music universe has got to be DJ Khaled’s brand new track ‘Wild Thoughts’ featuring Barbadian pop princess Rhianna and hip hop superstar Bryson Tiller.

It’s certainly one to watch as the world appears to be entirely in love with DJ Khaled and everything he produces turns immediately to gold. This is where my statement comes in…


I’ve seen him before, heard of him of course and even listened to some of his music, and honestly the thing I remember him most for is seeing him pop up on memes and social media based nonsense. I don’t understand the why he’s so revered or where the talent comes in. There’s no substance, there’s no real work or talent on show here. The track is an old Santana track with already successful artists and performers featuring on it to give it something new. I mean, I can’t completely tear the track to bits, Rhianna is as cool as she’s ever been and although Tiller doesn’t demonstrate my taste in Hip-Hop, I’m fully aware of his accomplishments and accolades. This modern Hip-Hop appears to be all mumbling and self glorification and I just can’t gel with it. Drake is an example of this amongst many others that again, I just don’t get the popularity. I feel the same about the way every track nowadays has to have a bunch of people “featuring” on the track like it’s more about shoehorning in names to grab attention than actually creating something musically astounding. It seems so cheap. Way more work goes into hyping and presenting the track, giving it a glowing and wonderful looking music video (and it is, I liked it) but what’s Khaled doing? Being fully aware of ‘Maria Maria’ by Santana I was waiting for something to pop up that’d make me go “Ohhhhhhh, I see what he’s done there” but it never really came. If anybody out there can get in touch, comment on this piece at the bottom of the page, comment on the link on the Facebook page or Twitter, even DM me, I don’t care and tell me what it is I’m missing I’d be grateful.

Anyway, it’ll be number one in the charts later so… DEAL WITH IT!

Words by Stuart Green (mojo20_music)