Keeping in the spirit of championing up and coming music from around the UK, we’ve linked up with Cleethorpes based three piece August Tides, emanating from a seaside town in North East Lincolnshire, they’re steadily getting the BBC on side with recent invitations onto the radio before releasing brand new EP ‘Kings’. We caught up with frontman Phil Stocks in order to get to know them before things really kick off, check it out…


So August Tides is a particularly poetic name. Where did it come from and what does it represent?

I think it just represents us really. I don’t think there was any plan for the name to be derivative of anything, it basically came down to something that was catchy and easily remembered. It’s kind of nice that we’re from a seaside town though, so the tides bit is relevant in some way.

What’s your musical background and at what point did forming a band become the way forward and how did August Tides come together?

We’ve all got previous experience in bands and on the local circuit. Me and Josh used to head up a band when we were teenagers and Jack’s been in numerous bands for a while now. I guess it’s just a joint passion, so it was inevitable really. We pretty much formed through trial and error though. It was a very different band to begin with, with numerous people auditioning for us, so it was just a case of finding the best fit really.

Your EP ‘Kings’ launches this August. How long did it take to record and what did the recording process entail?

To tell the truth, we’re still working on it as we speak! One of the drawbacks of producing everything ourselves. It’s been around 4 months in the works so far, but obviously it’s not something that can be rushed. We want it to sound the best it possibly can, without over-perfecting it. We’re still looking for a raw sound that we can reproduce on-stage. Fortunately, we’ve all had a hand in producing music before now, so our joint experience is definitely helping


Does this mean an LP is on the horizon?

That would be telling!

BBC radio in Lincolnshire and Humberside have been getting behind you massively as of late. How does it feel to have a juggernaut like the BBC backing you and your work?

The BBC have been really kind to us so far and it definitely seems to be keeping the momentum up! It definitely helps to have some quotes from people in these positions to offer promoters we haven’t yet worked with and in terms of online promotion it’s really getting the ball rolling.

What are the real main ambitions for August Tides? Where do you want this to go?

I think that differs with each of us. Personally, if we can go and play a show in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter in a few years time and have plenty of people there having a good time and singing our songs, that’ll do me nicely!

What influences you guys musically and what are you listening to at the minute to stay motivated?

Again, I think we all bring a different flavour to the table. I listen to a lot of the local bands from Cleethorpes and Grimsby and take a lot of my influence from them these days. But there’s definitely elements of punk rock, Brit-pop, indie-rock and even folk from me.

You can find more from August Tides at their Facebook page, Twitter, or via email on

You can also find details for their upcoming EP launch party at Liquor bar in Lincoln featuring support acts Carry The Crown, The Ultraviolet & Hilos by heading to the Facebook event link right here.


Phil Stocks of August Tides (@augusttides) was speaking to Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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