So the biggest weekend on the music calendar has been and gone for another year as Glastonbury festival 2017 drew to a close tonight. Fans of Mojo20 may have read our review piece from 2016 and in keeping with consistency, we’re back to give you our thoughts (from the sofa) on 2017. This means two things of course, firstly… we weren’t there again and secondly that there is a lot to talk about and multiple amazing performances that need addressing, and here we go

George Ezra (Friday 23rd, Other Stage)

Back with new music to show off, with his upbeat summery vibe, boyish good looks and catchy as hell discography, Ezra returned to Glastonbury to hold the audience at the Other Stage in the palm of his hand.

The XX (Friday 23rd, Pyramid Stage)

Possibly the coolest band on the planet put on a festival stage show that I never expected. Dressed in black and with a style more centred around the down tempo, melodic and sentimental I wouldn’t have imagined they’d create as much magic as they did. Jamie XX swinging his bass around while the crowd danced frantically to a collection of tracks from their three albums so far was a highlight of the whole festival.

Foo Fighters (Saturday 24th, Pyramid Stage)

As ever, Dave Grohl and the gang turned up and absolutely dominated as only they know how. Reminding us of their massive amount of modern classics they put on a high energy performance from start to finish. Highlight may have been drummer, Taylor Hawkins, swapping positions with Grohl and performing an amazing rendition of David Bowie & Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’. Priceless Glastonbury moment.


The Jacksons (Saturday 24th, West Holts Stage)

Main eventing the West Holts Stage on the Saturday night we saw the remaining four members of the globally famous, legendary, iconic Motown group The Jacksons. Of course, best known for the lead member but youngest brother Michael Jackson who isn’t with us anymore, the other four are still touring and doing there thing. The group certainly has a lot missing from what they once were both vocally and in performance and the sixties are certainly a long, long time ago, but hearing songs like ‘ABC’ and ‘Can You Feel It’ seemed so important when performed by the guys that recorded it originally.

First Aid Kit (Friday 23rd, Pyramid Stage)

Swedish duo, and one of our absolute favourite bands on the planet, First Aid Kit took to the pyramid stage on the first afternoon and drove through an emotive and beautiful set featuring a string of their finest tracks. Beautiful harmonies, expert musicianship and instant classics like ‘My Silver Lining’ and ‘Emmylou’ made it my favourite performance of the whole weekend’. I have no problem admitting that if I’d been there, I’d have been in floods of tears…

Jeremy Corbyn (Saturday 24th, Pyramid Stage)

In a break from the music side of things, we saw Labour leader and the hottest name in news and current events, Jeremy Corbyn take the stage to deliver a message of peace, unity, hope and inspiration. It was a moving few minutes as he had the entire festival hanging on his every word and showing their love and agreement in a an audible wave of love. The man that could have and should have been our current prime minister made one hell of an impact on the Pyramid Stage.

Alt-J (Saturday 24th, Other Stage)

One of the coolest, most obscure, unique and experimental bands in commercial music today, Alt-J, main evented the Other Stage and delivered a high quality set, performing hits from their three records so far including their latest LP ‘Relaxer’, absolutely brilliant.

Barry Gibb (Sunday 25th, Pyramid Stage)

We were treated to an inspiring and humble set by Bee Gees frontman Barry Gibb as he delivered classic after classic and reminded us all why he’s a living legend in the business. After his guest appearance at last years Glastonbury with Chris Martin during Coldplay’s headline set, we were teased with what could be, and this year we finally go it. Magical.

Chic (Sunday 25th, Pyramid Stage)

Just a ginormous disco extravaganza. On of the innovating groups of the disco era took to the biggest stage in music to provide the thousands in attendance with an unforgettable party in the sun. Man, Nile Rodgers sure has some number ones as well, jeez. He did take a moment to talk about his cancer diagnosis and how Daft Punk & Pharell Williams came along at just the right time before heading into a brilliant version of ‘Get Lucky’.

Ed Sheeran  (Sunday 25th, Pyramid Stage)

Possibly one of the most polarising headliners in a long time. We could have said the same about Coldplay last year but they absolutely ripped the place apart. However with his recent domination of the charts and his presence being felt everywhere there are those members of his massive fan base that will have loved his performance and those that are tired of him altogether. With that in mind it has to be said… whether I’m a fan or not, it was an incredibly impressive feat of talent, tenacity and self assurance to go out on your own, create all the instrumentation yourself with looping pedals and technical proficiency alone and play for that amount of time to that many people. Respect levels for Ed Sheeran are at an all time high and when some people have said “he shouldn’t be headlining, he doesn’t deserve to be there”, well he just did it, and did a great job to, therefore, respectfully you are incorrect. Well done to Ed Sheeran on one hell of a performance and managing to do what only the elite can achieve.

So that’s Glastonbury festival 2017 over and for those thousands of you that attended, the real world begins again tomorrow, however for us lot, watching on BBC Iplayer from the comfort of our sofa, we’ll be rested and ready for Monday to come at us. I know who’s position I’d rather be in…. OH GOD I JUST WANT TO GO TO GLASTONBURY! Can someone tell the Eavis’ to book Mojo20 for the next one, PLEASE!

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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