So I tweeted a while back, at the beginning of the month, stating my amazement that this album is now nine years old, and I suppose it’s the UK’s awful weather that has really got me reflecting on one of my favourite summer masterpieces of all time. Released way back on the 9th of June 2008 it’s stood the test of time and only got sweeter and therefore, here’s our Throwback Thursday retro review celebrating one of our favourites of all time.


I guess you could say the same about a lot of different records but for some reason this one astounds me the most when you think of the idea that something can be very close to ten years old and sound as fresh, if not even more fresh today than it ever has. ‘Love To Make Music To’ is the ninth album by Californian electronica pioneer and music production genius Daedelus and to say he boasts an eclectic blend of styles and influences is a catastrophic understatement, but it might be this album where he unleashes his awe inspiring diversity, with each track being completely different to the last, and merging Jazz, Hip-Hop, electro and more from start to finish. Kicking it off with the endlessly catchy ‘Fair Weather Friends’, led by drums and an incredible synth, I’ve never played this and not had a friend or bystander fall in love with it. I’d certainly be as bold as to say the record is one of those rare pieces of work that remains flawless from the beginning to the end, but as I mentioned, it’s the twist and turns that make it so intriguing. From the relentless fun of the first track, things continue to get smoother, sexier and ooze with cool as Paperboy and Taz Arnold join in on ‘Touchtone’, and then it gets a little more tweaked electronically with ‘Twist The Kids’.

An absolute highlight has to be ‘My Beau’ featuring the vocals of Erika Rose and Paperboy as they adapt the Ghost Town DJ’s classic ‘My Boo’ into an even more incredible work of art. I could of course sit and walk you through the whole album, but what’d be the use. ‘Love To Make Music To’ was made to be heard and enjoyed and that’s exactly what I suggest you do.

Ninja Tune have never released anything that wasn’t of great substance and credibility, and yet this may just be one of the best. Ten years, how time flies eh? Well the summers here and if you need something to soundtrack it for you, you’ve found it…

You can see our 2012 interview with Daedelus right here. Also see his profile amongst our other favourite electronica musicians/producers right here.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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