Guns N’ Roses are currently lighting up the world stage, blazing through an extensive global tour and selling out arenas along the way, as part of their much-anticipated ‘Not in This Lifetime… Tour.’ As reported on Blabber Mouth, the band is on the European leg of their tour, which has grossed over £181 million ($230 million) ever since it started back in April of 2016. With this massive numbers, GNR made Forbes’ list of the world’s top-earning entertainers, landing at the number 12 spot.

Making such as esteemed list for the very first time in more than three decades in the music industry is not the only impressive feat Guns N’ Roses have accomplished so far. Despite their immensely demanding schedule, the Los Angeles, California-based hard rock band have also been tasking themselves with writing new materials.

Yes, believe it or not, GNR are producing new music. During a recent podcast with Stage Left, guitarist Richard Fortus revealed how they were in the process of assembling ideas, laying down recordings, and making a studio record. As some diehard fans might recall, there has been a lot of fuss about making a new album, considering that ‘Chinese Democracy’ took almost 10 years to be made and didn’t feature Slash due to his tempestuous relationship with frontman Axl Rose.

A worldwide tour and a new studio album are not the only things that have been keeping Guns N’ Roses busy these days. The band, as seen on Rolling Stone, is set to celebrate a new SiriusXM channel with a private show. GNR will play some of their famous songs in Harlem’s iconic venue for an invitation-only concert for the broadcasting company’s select subscribers. They announced the gig on June 21 on The Howard Stern Show, which is somewhat apt bearing in mind that it will air on SiriusXM’s Howard 101 channel.

Additionally, Axl Rose, Slash, and the rest of the guys will release a limited-run Guns N’ Roses Radio on July 13 on satellite channel 41. They will also launch this via the SiriusXM app on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as on the digital radio company’s official website. The channel will highlight GNR’s extensive catalogue of tracks, including live acts, rarities, and songs that have influenced the band. Since it is a limited release, the channel will only run through July 22.

It has been quite an astonishing reunion. And it’s a testament to the band that they remain relevant. They are truly one of the most influential rock bands of all time, taking into account how their image and likeness are seen outside the borders of music. They even have their own officially licensed online slot game on digital entertainment platform Slingo which was released upon the announcement the band were getting back together. This reflects how GNR, in spite of their legendary status in the music industry, constantly adapts as a way of cultivating old and incorporating new fans.

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