In the past few minutes news has broke of the untimely passing of Nu-metal legend and Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. At this early stage, details are vague and few but it appears he may have taken his own life by hanging. Chester was the lead vocalist for one of the early 2000’s biggest bands, reaching fame immediately upon the release of their debut album ‘Hybrid Theory’ with iconic tracks like ‘Crawling’, ‘Papercut’ and ‘In The End’. They helped define an era and set the tone and sound for what would become a formative era for many. They called it the Nu-metal era and alongside bands like Slipknot, Korn, Limo Bizkit and many more they were at the forefront of a genre of music that would reshape rock n roll, metal and alternative music. Chester’s vocals were unmistakeable and he had a hand in creating a sub-culture and a scene to grow up in at the turn of the millennium.

His death has come as a huge shock and it’s also received with great sadness. Linkin Park released their latest album and seventh studio record only this past May. ‘One More Light’ featured guest vocals from Stormzy, Pusha T and Kiiara, focusing on a more modern sound and allowing Linkin Park to leave their nostalgic side behind and focus on success in the current day. It’s reception was mixed and this did provoke an aggressive response from Chester as he took the reception of his latest work very hard. It was documented that on social media he lashed out aggressively, but later upon reflecting did revoke his response and concentrated on being more grateful of the more fortunate aspects of his career at the time. Without being too bold, it would appear that the critical response to his latest work and his then subsequent spotlight from being pointed out as acting erratically and aggressively may have burdened him more than we’d have ever known. Again, it is with incredible sadness that we say goodbye to Chester Bennington, and you’d better believe that this evening will be spent revelling in the joys he brought us all as angst ridden teenagers. RIP Chester Bennington.

Words by Stuart Green (@Mojo20_music)


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