Last year we had the absolute pleasure of interviewing a relatively new name to the popular music scene, as they consistently grew in popularity and became one of the hottest garage pop outfits of 2016/2017. As Australian trio DMA’S have released their debut album ‘Hills End’ and then subsequently embarked on a UK tour, setting sights for a handful of great venues in England, we managed to catch them live at Lincoln’s Engine Shed, tonight (the 1st of August 2017) they put on one hell of a show. With support provided by Sheffield’s RedFaces, they packed the Engine Shed, and proved just how many brand new fans they’ve managed to get on board in the past year. 


The one thing I truly love, love, love about DMA’s is diversity. They have not only an incredible range of styles, and the talent to pull each one off with ease and effectiveness, but their look doesn’t dictate their genre at all. They are who they are, they like what they like and they perform exactly how they want to perform. Very respectable stuff and should certainly serve as a great source of advice to all other up and coming bands. Be yourself. Do what you feel is right and do it on your terms. That’s exactly how this incredible trio approached Tuesday the 1st of August at the Engine Shed and their confidence, self belief and colossal aura shone through. They took to the stage and immediately dove head first into their set and the crowd was more responsive than any gig I’ve seen at the venue this year. On arrival it was clear that the demographic was very young and not the sort you’d normally see at a mid-week gig, but boy did they earn their stripes as they climbed on to their friends shoulders, sang every word and danced to every single song. Even lead singer Tommy O’Dell seemed taken aback by the love and support shown by the eager Lincoln crowd. The band, which featured three session musicians, powered their way through their set, giving each song their upmost, and making their debut album seem like a must have in everyone’s record collection. As I mentioned before, the level of diversity in their sound was an incredible attribute to a live performance as they sailed between down tempo ballad, and indie club night anthem, but the most striking thing is that O’Dell’s voice, despite sounding like Liam Gallagher on an extremely good day, made every song, banger or ballad, sound somewhat sentimental. His voice just has this clear, yet slightly beautiful tone that makes everything sound important, and it takes your attention entirely. As you hold your gaze on the lead singer as he provides the most melodic and beautiful forefront to each song, the band are busy creating a musical chaos behind him with the lead guitarist occasionally climbing to front of stage to show his effortless playing, whilst creating euphoric sound that the crowd were only to happy to respond positively to. A great show, a crazy Tuesday night. DMA’s are here and who knows what else is yet to come…

They didn’t do the cover of Believe by Cher though, sooooo, yeah. Must try harder. Only joking, a great band with tons to offer, especially live. We’ll be keeping eyes on this absolute treasure from down under, to see what’s next.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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