News broke only hours ago, directly from a statement the band released, that Moderat as a unit are to disband at the end of next month, and this will be to follow a string of huge summer performances and festival headline slots. The German electro super group formed in 2002 and are comprised of Sascha Ring, or as you may know him Apparat and Modeselektor. Together they’ve released seven EP’s and Three LP’s including their ‘III’ album released in the spring of 2016. They were voted the “#1 live act of the year” back in 2009 by an online electronic music magazine and only this past November released a live album, entitled ‘Live’. They’ve jumped between their own individual efforts since the groups inception, but the past four years has been mainly centred around Moderat and it would appear that it’s taken its toll on them, as they have gracefully alerted us all of their imminent hiatus. 

It’s no shock that the group may have grown weary as they’ve been working hard and dominating stages all over the world as of late, including a huge performance on the West Holts stage at Glastonbury this year. They’re referring to it as a hiatus, or to quote, a vacation, but could this be the end. Well certainly not before they’re summer of appearances and performances that are already booked as they head for a headline slot at Lincolnshire’s Lost Village festival and then their final performance, poetically, in Berlin at the Wulheide open air venue on September 2nd. As mentioned it is being looked at as a vacation but the sign off of the statement makes for disheartening reading as they say “Thanks for the ride, hope to see you again soon!” leaving an eerie and ambiguous lack of uncertainty to a future reformation. Electronic music fans around the world will also be hoping to see them again as a unit but until then, you’d better hope you’re booked to see them this summer, as these performances just took on a whole lot more sentiment.

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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