This weekend, Hope & Glory Festival was set to take place across two days (Saturday the 5th & Sunday the 6th of August) in Liverpool’s St George’s quarter. However after day one receiving heavy criticism over it’s long delays and poor organisation, the festival organisers have decided not to proceed with day two. This comes as quite a shock to festival goers and the thousands of people that purchased tickets and made arrangements to spend the weekend in Liverpool. All acts today have been cancelled including Ocean Colour Scene, The Lightning Seeds, Reverend & The Makers and many more as they were all informed that their services would not be required. Now this comes only a week after Y Not festival had it’s final day cancelled due to adverse weather conditions and safety concerns, but this appears to be a very different situation.

As mentioned, the festival garnered a great deal of criticism and those in attendance were vocal on social media and didn’t hold back in telling the organisers how they felt about day 1, and in response, they just pulled the plug. It almost seems like the people in charge have basically had a sulk because of the negative feedback, without realising that their poor efforts have cost people a lot of money and disappointed all involved. 

Venues across Liverpool have thrown fans a lifeline as offers are flooding in to rehouse the performers that won’t get to play, and details for any rescheduling is still coming in. It is also unclear as to whether refunds will be offered as the Hope & Glory Festival Twitter account has sent out blunt replies to enquirers. On their Twitter account they have referred to the negative comments as “unfair & vitriolic” but other than that, they’re remaining relatively quiet considering the hassle they’ve caused. It’ll be interesting to see what else transpires over the rest of today and especially interesting to see if any more comments are made by the festival’s social media team. Stay tuned for more.


Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)



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