Everybody’s favourite Essex indie-psych five piece have released more new music ahead of the release of their upcoming new album ‘V’ and ten years after they released their now iconic debut LP ‘Strange House’  they may be getting set to unleash their best work yet. If new single ‘Something To Remember Me By’ is any indication, the new record is going to summarise the evolution of one of the mid 2000’s most recognisable indie outfits, starting out as a gothic styled, brash, loud shock pop act before trading that in for a moodier, smoother psych sound, and now we find them celebrating synth pop and epitomising post-punk in its finest form, conglomerating all their previous guises to create something truly awe inspiring. 


If Tame Impala joined forces with Depeche Mode for a six and a half minute epic, it’d sound something a lot like ‘Something To Remember Me By’. It’s fresh, it’s upbeat, it’s less moody than their previous work but still remains slick, cool and without gimmicks. Could it signify the sound of the upcoming album? Perhaps. Their previous single release and initial teaser from the new album, ‘Machine’ had a much more industrial, gritty theme to it, but the basic elements were there, sharing plenty with the latest release. The album will be one to watch and certainly an exciting prospect as we head towards its release on September the 22nd. The Horrors are yet to release a dud album and when you consider the work and attention that goes into releasing only five albums across a decade long period, you’d expect the same ethics have gone into ‘V’. We’ll soon find out…

Words by Stuart Green (@mojo20_music)


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